Split File in Linux With Rar From Command Line

On Jan 28, 2010 1 comments

You may want to compress a large file and split it using rar and you want to do it from command line. Then your command that you need is here.

For example, you want to split a file in 5 MB size. The command is :

Install Madwifi for Atheros Card on Ubuntu 9.10

On Jan 25, 2010 2 comments

By default Ubuntu has its wireless driver installed. But sometimes you got your wireless not working after installed Ubuntu. Then you may need to install another driver like madwifi or using ndiswrapper. On this article I will show you how to install madwifi-hal- on Ubuntu 9.10.

Paypal WishList (Facebook) Prize has come, Claim Your Payment Now

On Jan 20, 2010 1 comments

Remember with Paypal promotion "Paypal WishList" on Facebook? Yes, If you are paypal user from asia, you are eligible for this promotion. You can earn up to $100 from this promotion. And now, the payment has come, you can look at your Paypal account.

But the payment is still being made, so if you don't receive the payment yet please don't worry and please be patient. The payment process take about 30 days to complete. So, not all of you receive the payment yet. But I do receive the payment already on January 19. I got $55 from this paypal promotion and already on my Paypal account.

Make Transparent Proxy With Squid on Linux (Ubuntu 9.10)

On Jan 18, 2010 2 comments

To make a transparent proxy you need to redirect all port that you want to squid port. This article will guide you to make a transparent proxy server on Ubuntu 9.10. First thing you need to do are installing squid on your computer that will become a proxy server. You can install it with apt-get command, like this :

Make Your Own Socks 5 Proxy With SSH Tunnel

On Jan 17, 2010 1 comments

We know that socks 5 proxy is very good and anonymous. Now you can make your socks 5 proxy with the help of ssh. You can make it by tunneling connection through your remote computer on a network or internet with ssh.

Login Through SSH Without Password

On Jan 15, 2010 0 comments

Sometimes we need to login through ssh without password. SSH just need the client's public key to be copied on its directory. With this key, ssh recognize the client as a good client or authorized client, not bad client or intruder. To do this, first you need to generate a key.

Remote Shutdown and Remote Reboot on Linux (Ubuntu) with Just One SSH Command

On Jan 10, 2010 9 comments

Do you need to remotely shutdown or reboot a computer on your network? Do you want to do it with just one ssh command? The answer is here.

Type this command on your terminal :

Install Flash Player on Mozilla Firefox Portable and Flock Portable for Linux

On Jan 8, 2010 1 comments

Maybe you like to have a portable browser like firefox portable or flock on your flash disk. But the portable version have no flash player plugin. To install flash player plugin you need to download flash player and install it on your portable browser.

Run or Execute Multiple Command on SSH

On Jan 6, 2010 0 comments

Sometime you need to run a command or two command or many command on one ssh connection and then exit immediately. To run one command you just need to add the command behind the ssh command, like this :

$ ssh user@remote_computer command

Lock Screen on Linux (Ubuntu) from First Boot

On Jan 4, 2010 2 comments

After my previous post Lock Screen on Linux (Ubuntu) from Command Line, I will continue about lock the screen on the first time your computer boot. On this post, I am only explain lock screen on Ubuntu.

To lock your Ubuntu screen you need to make a script, I will call the script with "lockfirstboot". Make the file,

Lock Screen on Linux (Ubuntu) from Command Line

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Maybe some people want to lock their screen for some reason. And they want to do this with command line or script. To lock the screen on ubuntu, the command you need to run would be like this.

Setting Socks Proxy on Firefox

On Jan 2, 2010 2 comments

Maybe you have question about how to setting firefox to use a socks proxy. If you used to use http proxy, then setting socks proxy is not so different. This post will guide you.

For Firefox Linux :
Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings


On Jan 1, 2010 0 comments

Sometimes you need to hide your IP. And sometimes your network forbid you to acces several sites. If you have a problem like that, then you need proxy to connect to the internet. This is the list of several proxy I provide to help you give what you need.

The World is Run Out of IPv4

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As you know that new Operating System like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.10 provide both IP addressing IPv4 and IPv6. This is because IPv4 will run out of number and we will change to IPv6.

Run SSH from PHP with Browser, not with Command Line (CLI)

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This was my question how to run ssh from php on my Ubuntu. Many people know that to run Linux command from php is by using function like exec(), shell_exec(), system(), passtrhu(), etc. Everything seems very easy to do. Maybe you can run almost all Linux command with php. You could run ssh too with php CLI. But you maybe stuck why you can not run ssh from php with your browser.