Download Whole Website Like httrack via Command Line in Linux

On Oct 28, 2010 0 comments

Usually you need to download the whole website, and you use additional application like httrack in windows. But there will be a question how to do it in Linux? What application do I need to do this. But that question will be answered by a simple solution that missed by many people.

Almost 50% People Feel Comfortable Using Free Antiviruses

On Oct 27, 2010 1 comments

A security company called Opswat did a survey about antivirus software used by computer user in many country especially in countries that use English. The survey give a result that many people use free antivirus software instead of paid antivirus. The result shows that free versions of antivirus software dominated market share with 42%.

Use Linux Command Line To Update Twitter Status

On Oct 24, 2010 0 comments

Linux is very interesting Operating System. One of thing that make it interesting is its command line, that can do so many things for you. Many people love this Linux command line.

As for twitter user, off course we are frequently update our status. And I found it possible to update our status via command line. You just have curl installed on your Linux computer.

Popular Linux Discussion Forums

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There so many forum that talk about Linux. Here I found the most popular discussion forums, for about 51 forums.

Windows Live Writer 2011 Review, A Tool For Intuitive And Inteligent Blogging

On Oct 22, 2010 0 comments

The final running a blog desktop client, Windows Live Writer, has incorporated  new features to assist bloggers,  in Writer 2011. Writing & editing posts became more clever & intuitive.

Use apt-get Through Proxy That Requires Username And Password On Ubuntu Linux

On Oct 20, 2010 2 comments

apt-get automatically work on direct internet connectin or transparent proxy. But if your internet connection using proxy (not transparent proxy), you will need to setting the apt-get configuration file to make apt-get to work.

PHP Connect And Run Query To 2 Databases Or More (Multiple Databases)

On Oct 16, 2010 1 comments

Sometimes on your work with PHP you need to connect to 2 or more database. In example, you want to take data on table from database A and process the data. Then you want to insert or update the processed data into database B. Here I will show you how to connect to 2 database and run query from it.

Run Script On Logout, Ubuntu Linux

On Oct 11, 2010 1 comments

If you wanna run some script on logout, your answer is here. Do this :
Go to /etc/gdm/PostSession directory and open a file named Default,