Install Yahoo Messenger 10 on Ubuntu 9.10

On Dec 29, 2009 8 comments

After my previous post Install Office 2007 and Dreamweaver on Ubuntu 9.10, I continue using this new version of wine to install Yahoo Messenger. I am using Yahoo Messenger 10. Just type on the terminal like other application I installed on my previous post.

Speed Up Your Computer and Fix Your Slow Computer

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Is your computer become slower from time to time? Is your computer not same as the time you do the fresh install? Maybe its time to fix it. There are several reason that your computer becoming slow and the way to fix it :

Proxy Make You Anonymous But Still Dangerous

On Dec 27, 2009 0 comments

One of the reason that proxy created is to make someone become anonymous to surf to the internet. There are several reason people going anonymous.

They get a proxy server by using free open proxy or use  proxy that paid, usually elite proxy. There are several type of proxy that you should know. You better to choose the right one if you wanna use a proxy to do something on internet.

Xampp Linux 1.7.2 (Lampp 1.7.2) Error, Lampp 1.7.1 Stable

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Many people like to use Xampp for their web server because its very easy to use. But when people hope the best application from the last version (1.7.2), they get error when use it. The error is like "deprecated function eregi bla bla bla".

Yahoo Messenger for Linux

On Dec 26, 2009 0 comments

Every people know Yahoo Messenger. Many of them use this application to chat through yahoo network. This program not only for chat with text but has complete feature like voice call, web cam, etc. People who use Linux or people who migrates from Windows to Linux always looking for application that has same feature with Yahoo Messenger. There is an  messenger application on Linux that has almost feature that Yahoo Messenger has.

Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcut

On Dec 24, 2009 0 comments

Do you use firefox to surf on the internet? If yes, then you must use shortcut when using firefox. Like Ctrl + T to open new tab, Ctrl + N to open new window, or Ctrl + S to save html document. But do you know about another shortcut? There are so many more you can use to help you feel comfort using this browser. Here are some important shortcut you may want to use. But firefox has several different shortcut depending what operating system do you use.

Ubuntu 9.10 Solve BenQ R46 Wireless Problem

On Dec 22, 2009 0 comments

I was using Ubuntu 9.04 on my BenQ R46 laptop. And I have a problem that is very annoying. Its the wireless problem. My wireless cannot be used at all. I'm trying to use madwifi and ndiswrapper, but still cannot solved my problem.

Install Office 2007 and Dreamweaver on Ubuntu 9.10

On Dec 19, 2009 3 comments

I need to install Office 2007 and Dreamweaver on my ubuntu. To install both two program I need to use wine. There are problems during the installation of Office 2007 and Dreamweaver on previus version of wine. But with the new version of wine I found no error during the installation. And both of them run well on my laptop.

How to Easily Turn off Compiz To Play Games on Linux (Ubuntu)

On Dec 13, 2009 1 comments

Did you know that Ubuntu use 3D effects that called compiz? Compiz is able to produce a good 3D effects.

But these applications sometimes do not get along with Linux games, one of them is the famous game Assault Cube. Compiz often make the game crash. For example, if you do not turn off compiz when playing games Assault Cube, then the game will crash (the game will stop) several minutes later.

Good Download Manager

On Dec 10, 2009 2 comments

Almost most people use a download manager to increase download speeds. Download manager works by dividing the file downloaded into several parts (partial download). That's how the download manager increasing download speeds.

Popular download manager is IDM (Internet Download Manager). IDM divide file download into 7 parts. Many people claim very satisfied with the performance of this IDM. But Internet Download Manager is not free.

Opera Turbo's Effect

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Opera is one of the popular web browser after Firefox of course. One of the great features of this browser is the opera turbo, which began around since the opera 10. This feature can speed up the loading time of a page of a web site by doing the image-compression on the web site that opened by opera.

Local Area Network

On Dec 6, 2009 0 comments

LAN (Local Area Network) is an intranet network for a small area and can not be used globally. LAN can not be accessed from the Internet without IP or port forwarding. Because the Internet recognizes only the public network or WAN. LAN used for local networks such as campuses, offices, cafes, and others.

Internet as a life style

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Internet is a thing familiar to the public. In Indonesia alone Internet use continues to increase from time to time. More and more people aware of the need and use of the Internet. What is the Internet?

The Main Component Of A Computer

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Computers is now familiar. Almost all people need a computer to help his work. Do you really know what computer is?

Computer hardware is composed of several parts that cooperate together to make the system work. There are many types of computers including a server computer, computer mainframre, and also Desktop Computer (PC). Computer PC is a computer type most widely used, because it is a product for end-users.