How to Easily Turn off Compiz To Play Games on Linux (Ubuntu)

On Dec 13, 2009 1 comments

Did you know that Ubuntu use 3D effects that called compiz? Compiz is able to produce a good 3D effects.

But these applications sometimes do not get along with Linux games, one of them is the famous game Assault Cube. Compiz often make the game crash. For example, if you do not turn off compiz when playing games Assault Cube, then the game will crash (the game will stop) several minutes later.

Therefore compiz needs to shut down when playing games. Do with this:
1. Open terminal
2. Type the command:
$ metacity --replace

Then compiz will die. If you do not want to bother with opening a terminal and want to turn off compiz with just one click you need to install an application called compiz-switch.

Download compiz-switch here: compiz-switch

With compiz-switch you can turn off and turn on the compiz easily with just one click.

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Ron said...

System->Preferences->Appearance "Visual Effects" None
Works on Maverick 10.10.

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