Save and Protect Your Password from Keylogger

On Apr 8, 2010 0 comments

Keylogger is an application that captures and record every keystroke that is typed on your keyboard. This application is used by a computer criminals to steal your data (such your username and password). You need to protect yourself against this kind of software.

First and off course you need to have your firewall turn on and have your good antivirus keep updated. The firewall may not stopping this software from capturing your keystrokes, but firewall can prevent the transmission of your stolen data to the bad guys. An antivirus is important to clean out the keylogger that they detect.

Then how to prevent a keylogger from capturing our data? The answer is simple, you can use an on screen keyboard. You may use an on screen keyboard of your operating system, or you can install your preferred an on screen keyboard application by yourself. With this application, you can keep your hands free from keyboard because you only use the mouse.

I usually use on screen keyboard application when I enter a username and password on a public computer. Hope this article help you to secure your data.


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