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On Dec 10, 2009 2 comments

Almost most people use a download manager to increase download speeds. Download manager works by dividing the file downloaded into several parts (partial download). That's how the download manager increasing download speeds.

Popular download manager is IDM (Internet Download Manager). IDM divide file download into 7 parts. Many people claim very satisfied with the performance of this IDM. But Internet Download Manager is not free.

Another download manager that is very good and did not lose to the IDM is DownThemAll or shortened by the DTA. DTA is one of the best add-on mozilla firefox. The advantages compared with the IDM that Downthemall is free. DTA is my favorite download manager.

Install DownThemAll on your firefox here: DownThemAll

So for you who want a good download manager but did not want to pay, just use this firefox add-on. You do not need to bother anymore looking for crack IDM ... :)

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