Speed Up Your Computer and Fix Your Slow Computer

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Is your computer become slower from time to time? Is your computer not same as the time you do the fresh install? Maybe its time to fix it. There are several reason that your computer becoming slow and the way to fix it :

  1. Virus and trojan alway causing your computer running slow. So use a good antivirus to prevent and to clean your computer from viruses.
  2. Some application sometimes getting crash when running together. So check it from the task manager which one that use big amount of your memory. And try to not run them together.
  3. Too many desktop icon and files on your desktop can slow down your computer. It causing your computer take longer time to load. So delete your unnecessary icons and move your files that on your desktop to other place on your hard drive.
  4. Low virtual memory can make your computer slow too. Virtual memory is a space from your hard drive that is taken by the operating system and use it as RAM. So increase your virtual memory.
  5. Too many start up program. You should choose necessary program to run at start up.
  6. Registry problem. Use a registry cleaner program to fix it.
  7. Your operating system keep many temporary files. You need to clean it regularly and your temporary internet file too.
  8. You need to defrag your drive regularly, so your file are well indexed.
  9. Low disk space. Give a little free space to your drive, don't let your drive getting so full. Delete unimportant files that you don't really need anymore.
That is the tips. After you do the tips above, check if your computer run faaster.


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