Internet as a life style

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Internet is a thing familiar to the public. In Indonesia alone Internet use continues to increase from time to time. More and more people aware of the need and use of the Internet. What is the Internet?

Internet (short for interconnected-networking) is a network or circuit that connects between computers all over the world. With the internet people can communicate with all people in the world wherever there is a connection over the Internet.

Internet now has become a lifestyle for most people. They seemed not to bear for the day live without the internet. People use the Internet to get information, usually with the help of search engines like google. Then also for exchanging electronic mail or email. Email service provider that is widely used among the yahoo and gmail.

After that people use the Internet for social networking like facebook, which with each other website can continue to maintain communication between friends. Then also forums that are widely used for the sharing of knowledge.

Then the Internet is also widely used for chatting. That is in talks over the Internet by typing the words, similar to the sms but in real time or live.

Downloads are also often done by Internet users. Like download movies, songs, software, and others.

Lots of things you can do with the Internet. This is what makes the Internet as a basic need, and look like an addict to the internet, a single day can not live without the internet it.


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