Yahoo Messenger for Linux

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Every people know Yahoo Messenger. Many of them use this application to chat through yahoo network. This program not only for chat with text but has complete feature like voice call, web cam, etc. People who use Linux or people who migrates from Windows to Linux always looking for application that has same feature with Yahoo Messenger. There is an  messenger application on Linux that has almost feature that Yahoo Messenger has.

This application is Gyachi. Unlike pidgin, this software can only run on Yahoo network. Pidgin doesn't have feature like voice call or web cam like Yahoo Messenger, but Gyachi does. I was using Pidgin, but then I felt uncomfortable when I cannot find web cam feature on this application. And then I find this application.

The web cam is good, has the same quality with Yahoo Messenger I think. And one more feature is that you can see your invisible friends. You don't need to go to site vizgin just to see your invisible friends anymore.

Here is the link if you interest to download and use this software :

For Ubuntu user (.deb file):
          For 32-bit                  gyachi_1.2.2-1~jaunty_i386.deb
          For 62-bit                  gyachi_1.2.2-1~jaunty_amd64.deb
          For 32-bit                  gyachi_1.2.2-2~karmic_i386.deb

Note : If you have problem install on Ubuntu 9.10 using the gyachi Karmic version, try to install the Jaunty version.

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