Opera Turbo's Effect

On Dec 10, 2009 0 comments

Opera is one of the popular web browser after Firefox of course. One of the great features of this browser is the opera turbo, which began around since the opera 10. This feature can speed up the loading time of a page of a web site by doing the image-compression on the web site that opened by opera.

This will further accelerate the loading page in the browser. But the result is a picture on the site will appear in the opera browser with a smaller resolution. This will create images or pictures on a web site such as broken. Opera Turbo also uses its own proxy server that is provided by the Opera Company.

This feature can be used for people that does not care about the look of the web site, then opera turbo can be turn on. However, for users who want to look the original quality or a good look from the website that he was open, so this turbo feature can be turned off.

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