The Main Component Of A Computer

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Computers is now familiar. Almost all people need a computer to help his work. Do you really know what computer is?

Computer hardware is composed of several parts that cooperate together to make the system work. There are many types of computers including a server computer, computer mainframre, and also Desktop Computer (PC). Computer PC is a computer type most widely used, because it is a product for end-users.

The main components in a PC computer is a Motherboard, Processor, Memory, Hard Disk is included in the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The motherboard is a device that became a place to coordinate the earlier devices. Motherboard has analogies such as land, while the processor and the other is a plant. Then Processor, is a device that became the central processing in a computer. Processor is the brain of a computer.

After the processor is memory. Which works very well acquainted with the processor. Without the memory of a computer might not work. Memory works for temporarily storing the processes that will be or has been treated processor for further processing. Memory is storage that volatile (all data stored will be lost if the computer is turned off).

Storage media whereas the non-volatile is the Har Disk. This is where an operating system and programs are stored. All user data is also stored in this storage medium. The greater the capacity of Hard Disk greater storage space data can be used by the user.


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