Local Area Network

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LAN (Local Area Network) is an intranet network for a small area and can not be used globally. LAN can not be accessed from the Internet without IP or port forwarding. Because the Internet recognizes only the public network or WAN. LAN used for local networks such as campuses, offices, cafes, and others.

LAN network using private IP, while the Internet using public IP. IP LAN is provided to the local network are:
1. - 10,255,255,255 with the maximum number of 16,777,216 hosts.
2. - with hosts the maximum number of 1,048,576.
3. - 192,168,255,255 with the maximum number of host 65.536.

Third on the IP range has been agreed is only used for IP LAN network. IP on the network is not recognized by the Internet. Internet only recognized public IP only. To connect to the internet we need a public IP. IP is what will be used to surf the Internet.

Often the campus or office to connect to the Internet using a proxy. This proxy has a public IP. So that we can use the internet.

LAN networks have many uses. Among them for sharing data, movies, music, printers, and others. So people do not need to get there when he needs something here. This is very helpful in the job.

With the same LAN network we can share a single Internet connection with a public IP for example, but can be used by many people. This can be done with the help of NAT course.


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