Proxy Make You Anonymous But Still Dangerous

On Dec 27, 2009 0 comments

One of the reason that proxy created is to make someone become anonymous to surf to the internet. There are several reason people going anonymous.

They get a proxy server by using free open proxy or use  proxy that paid, usually elite proxy. There are several type of proxy that you should know. You better to choose the right one if you wanna use a proxy to do something on internet.

This is four type of proxy :
1. Transparent proxy
    This kind proxy can be detected and does not hide your IP at all.
2. Anonymous proxy
    This proxy detected as a proxy but hide you original IP.
3. Distorting proxy
    This proxy detected as a proxy but give the wrong IP, so your IP
    detected as another IP.
4. High anonymous proxy
    This proxy cannot detected as a proxy and hide your original IP
    address. This proxy also known as elite proxy.

Remember to notice that when  you use a proxy server, all data that you send and receive can be sniffed or stolen by the proxy server. This is very important for you to always remember. Just be sure when using a proxy about your privacy and your important data.

And one more think to notice is that you has to make sure you use a legal proxy or open proxy. Using illegal proxy are not permitted.


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