Install Office 2007 and Dreamweaver on Ubuntu 9.10

On Dec 19, 2009 3 comments

I need to install Office 2007 and Dreamweaver on my ubuntu. To install both two program I need to use wine. There are problems during the installation of Office 2007 and Dreamweaver on previus version of wine. But with the new version of wine I found no error during the installation. And both of them run well on my laptop.

I use wine-1.1.31 on my laptop. You can get it from Ubuntu Repo. Run this on terminal :

$ sudo apt-get install wine1.2

After wine have installed on your computer. Install Office and Dreamweaver.

install office : (run on terminal)

$ wine /path/to/office 2007 installer

intall dreamweaver : (run on terminal)

$ wine /path/to/dreamweaver installer

The new version of wine is very good and run well on my laptop till now. You can try it yourself. Next, I will install other program with wine again. Its maybe Dota.

Hope this help to solve your problem who use old version of wine.

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