Xampp Linux 1.7.2 (Lampp 1.7.2) Error, Lampp 1.7.1 Stable

On Dec 27, 2009 0 comments

Many people like to use Xampp for their web server because its very easy to use. But when people hope the best application from the last version (1.7.2), they get error when use it. The error is like "deprecated function eregi bla bla bla".

I was looking the way to fix this error. But I still cannot find it. So I think maybe the previous version is more stable, and has not the same error. So I remove this Lampp 1.7.2 from my ubuntu. And then I install Xampp Linux (Lampp) 1.7.1 on my computer. And this can fix the problem.

But now, there is the newest version of Xampp, that is Xampp 1.7.3. This version release 7 day ago. Hope this version has more feature and better than the previous version which is has error .


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